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What does your child learn at school each day?  At Claremont Primary, we aim to deliver our curriculum combining a book based and cross curricular approach.  The National Curriculum programmes of study for each subject are then taught either by making cross curricular links with the book or as discrete subjects, where appropriate.  


Assessment for learning is embedded throughout lessons, including encouraging children to discuss what they already know and what they would like to find out at the beginning of each unit of work.  Through this approach we aim to:


  • Provide a broad and balanced curriculum, including religious education
  • Promote high standards in reading, writing and mathematics
  • Raise levels of attainment for all pupils, enabling them to achieve their personal best
  • Enable the development of literacy, numeracy and social skills, essential for adult life
  • Meet the needs of all children, whatever their ability
  • Allow children to access learning styles which best support their learning, knowledge and understanding
  • Deliver the curriculum in a creative way with a range of opportunities
  • Develop confident, disciplined and curious learners, able to make informed choices
  • Foster a love of learning
  • Promote self esteem and personal responsibility, linked to respect for the needs and feelings of others
  • Facilitate considerate and positive relationships between all members of the school community
  • Ensure equal opportunities in relation to gender, ethnicity, faith, social class and special needs
  • Provide a safe and happy work place
  • Promote a thoughtful and caring attitude towards the immediate and wider environment