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Our Pupil Voice represents the views of all our pupils. It gives children the opportunity to make their voices heard and feel part of the whole school community. 


In July we conducted our pupil survey, 103 pupils responded.  


  Yes No
Do you enjoy school? 89.32% 8.74%
Do you learn new things in lessons? 99.03% 0.97%
Are your lessons interesting and fun? 90.29% 7.77%
If you get stuck with your work in class, do you get help? 89.32% 10.68%
Are you expected to work hard? 93.2% 6.8%
Do teachers show you how to make your work better? 91.26% 5.83%
Do you feel safe in school? 95.15% 5.83%
Do you know the school rules? 97.09% 0.97%
Do you think the school cares about you? 94.17% 5.83%
Do most children in class behave well? 66.99% 32.04%
Do most children in the playground behave well? 57.28% 42.72%
Are the other children friendly? 86.41% 12.63%
If there was ever anything you were worried about, do you know how to get help if you needed it?  Is there an adult to go to in school? 88.35% 3.88%
Are teachers fair to you? 94.17% 4.85%
Do teachers listen to your ideas? 94.17% 5.83%
Are you proud to go to this school? 82.52% 5.83%